Safety Solutions

Understanding the bigger picture of safety within your healthcare organization requires capturing, analyzing, and preventing all types of safety incidents. Whether physical/facility security, privacy issues, or technology events, you need a view into the risks across the enterprise. Origami Risk allows you to collect and investigate data that can help prevent such adverse events.

Through industry-leading workflow tools and automation, Origami Risk's healthcare risk management software ensures your staff is aware of all types of adverse safety events, no matter when and where they occur. By leveraging best-of-breed reporting, dashboards, and analytics, your team will be able to identify trends, which allows you to get out in front of safety events before they happen. By leveraging proven mitigation/prevention strategies such as root cause analysis, HFMEA, and fishbone diagrams, teams across your healthcare organization can free themselves from time-consuming and burdensome processes, instead focusing on the prevention of adverse events.

As with all healthcare organizations, your organization will have specific requirements. Your healthcare risk management software should be able to handle your organization's unique needs in a timely and meaningful manner. Origami Risk gives you the ability to configure the platform to do just that. Create your own taxonomy, screens, dashboards, and reports for safety incidents, without being limited by available fields, unnecessary license fees, or custom-development fees.