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DHL struggled with a legacy system to perform claims management and policy management for more than 600 locations and 22,000 vehicles in the UK and Ireland. They sought a system that would allow them to analyze and share claims data, generate robust accident reporting and integrate daily video feeds from dash-cams.

With more than 6,000 tons of freight shipped daily, the scale of DHL's safety and claims data is enormous. They looked to Origami Risk to effectively centralize and share this mass of information throughout the company. Additionally, they needed to peer inside the data to identify key trends and best practices.

Origami Risk enabled DHL to capture more detailed claims and loss-related data, and share key analytics across the entire organization. Not only can facility managers, risk managers, and finance team members all access real-time data, but so can third-party administrators. This collaboration makes it easier for DHL to identify loss trends and implement risk control initiatives. The partnership with Origami Risk earned a CIR Magazine 2016 Risk Management Award.

To download and read the DHL case study in its entirety, click here.