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Claims Administration

Manage the entire claim life cycle from one system. Convert incidents to claims with a single click securely set reserves and make payments, and leverage dynamic workflow functionality to streamline claims-related tasks, notes, files, and email.


Financial Management

Generate checks, integrate with AP systems, and streamline reserving practices.  Automate routing for escalation, signatory, and approval.


Data Processing & Integration

Eliminate the need to log into multiple systems. Schedule uploads of your claims data from carriers and TPAs across all lines of coverage. Access data in real-time from third party sources including, HR, Legal, and AP systems.


Reporting & Internal Benchmarking

With all of your claim data at your fingertips, easily report to National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) and CMS and drive insights by comparing like claims to ensure claims are handled properly.



Reduce errors and speed closure by visually highlighting claims that need the most attention. Role-based dashboards help staff keep an eye on watchlist claims, outliers, and trends in their claim book and leadership glean insight across regions, business units, and more.



Submit claims and audits on the go. Give your claimants access, from their phone or tablet, to claim and payment activity.


Claims Coding & Classification

Categorize claims with industry standards, including ICD10, CPT codes, or your own coding requirements to identify trends and quickly spot areas for improvement.

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