Employee Health, Safety & Workers’ Compensation

Tie employee data to claims

Correlate employee details with incidents and claims -- whether you self-administer claims or import claims from your TPA. Report and identify injuries, track loss time, improve return to work timelines, and reduce claims cost to get a full view of safety incidents across the organization.

  • Easily submit First and Second Reports of Injuries (FROI/SROI)
  • Send reports to stakeholders—including state regulatory agencies, carriers, and TPAs
  • Promote incidents into workers’ compensation claims with a single click
Healthcare RMIS

Manage Employee Records

A single source of truth for employee health records to help your organization stay compliant with OSHA and other regulations.  Automate testing and exposure management logistics — notifications, reminders, and more — related to pre-hire, post-exposure, or even post-accident monitoring.  Track and report on required screenings and tests including but not limited to physicals, hearing and vision assessments, health screenings, drug and alcohol testing, respirator fit testing, and vaccinations.

  • One-click view of employee health data in a single record
  • Simplify logistics for screenings, tests and follow up
  • Drive efficiency by eliminating paper records
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Proactive Reporting

Drive efficiency and reduce future incidents with the help of an integrated system for intake and the management of employee incidents -- from report of injury or sickness to workers’ compensation to return-to-work activities.

  • Give employees options for quickly and easily reporting injuries and illnesses
  • Report via web and mobile
  • Leverage real-time workflows and notifications to alert managers and employee health professionals

Spectrum Incident

Using Origami, we are now able to see the detail around the injuries and exposures and get visibility into near misses. With all of the incident data reported, we can really start to address things in a proactive way instead of always being reactive.

Nicole Aldrich
Sr. Safety Specialist
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Incident Reporting

Drive proactive employee injury and sickness reporting via a simple incident intake portal accessible via web and mobile


Employee Health Case Management

Triage injuries and illnesses, track training, certifications, treatments, follow-ups, examinations, fit testing, immunizations, and drug tests for each employee -- all in a single record.


Workers’ Compensation Claims

Leverage automation for efficiency in workers’ compensation claims processes such as  first and second report of injury (FROI/SROI), CMS 111 reporting, state forms, and average weekly wage (AWW) calculations.


Return to Work

With recommended guidelines and analytics from ODG at your fingertips, get your employees back to work safely and quickly without sacrificing compliance.

Data Integration

Eliminate data silos with the use of integrations that bring together data from carriers and TPAs, as well as other software systems, including HR, medical bill review (MBR), and pharmacy benefits management (PBM).


OSHA reporting

Generate standard OSHA 300 and 301 logs to streamline reporting and easily track loss and restricted time.

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