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MPL Affiliate Partner

Configuration over coding

Origami’s robust configuration capabilities give you the flexibility to fine-tune programs and workflows to quickly navigate challenges ranging from social inflation to economic factors and legislative developments.

Trusted single source of truth

On-demand native reporting enables your organization at all levels to access the data needed to base your most important decisions.

Optimize operations

Mounting risks are hardening the MPL market with rates expected to increase and underwriting under pressure. Origami’s underwriting and rating tools streamline internal processes so you’re not left behind.

Manage claim severity

Keeping a bead on the business is essential to evaluating claim progress in real time. Origami gives you vital connections to information from hospitals, counsel, and reinsurers in order to appropriately defend claims.

Continuous innovation

Quarterly product updates keep the platform current while providing the flexibility to adopt new features and functionality only when you’re ready.

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