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In a single platform, Origami Risk provides integrated tools for streamlining healthcare insurance administration and policy management processes. This scalable, comprehensive functionality is designed to help automate renewals, model prospective programs, simplify application, quoting, binding and more.


Organize insurance policy data, contacts at key vendors, imaged policies, and relevant supporting documentation. The platform also manages policy erosion and provides a graphical view of reserves and payments over the life of the policy. Policies, claims, and assets are all connected for truly integrated analytics and workflows.


Allow users to see current and historical insurance policies in a clear and organized manner. The renewal process is fully automated, saving time, and reducing errors. When insurance policy information is entered into the system (either through electronic data import or manual entry) the policy can be renewed with a click of a button. The system also alerts users about upcoming expiring policies so they can get in front of them. When a new policy is started, previous policy info remains attached to claims and named insureds (such as physicians) for easy access to valuable insight.


Model policy programs right within the platform. Users can build a policy program from existing policies, with the system constructing a graphical illustration of what that program looks like using full-color program charts, multiple lines/layers, deductibles and SIRs, and more. This type of visualization allows users to easily identify coverage gaps or add an existing policy to a program.


Streamline the physician underwriting process. Users can manage rating factors and underwriting calculations in the system without the need for custom development. An intuitive data collection tool helps simplify the updating of values for premium audits. Quickly generate quotes and proposals for prospective or current policies and renewals.


An easy-to-use online portal simplifies the physician insurance application and quoting process, and includes a configurable Physician Letters of Insurance process. An online portal directly ties into the platform’s claims and incident reporting system, as well as its insurance management system for a simplified review of physicians’ current and past insurance information, related claims, and erosion of limits. Automated alerts and notifications ensure these processes stay on track.


Engage policyholders and their agents by providing access to their data via a secure member portal. Policyholders can log in to view dashboards, report incidents and claims, generate reports, submit renewal information, and review policy and claim details or pending proposals.


Tailor workflows to fit your organization’s processes for alerting stakeholders, initiating next steps, and reporting to regulatory agencies. Origami Risk’s end-to-end claims management solution is perfect for: claims analysis, claims supervision, and claims adjusting.


Collect and report on patient safety incidents, near misses, and unsafe conditions quickly and accurately. Automated workflow tools send tasks and reminders to facilitate communication and coordinated care. Configurable dashboards and reports deliver actionable insight into key data to improve patient safety measures.


Create, schedule, and automate surveys to collect healthcare data in a structured format. Use existing/ historical surveys or create new surveys to capture important data in a timely manner. Allow users to respond online or offline via the portal or mobile app. Track and record compliance and timeliness of response and participation.


Manage the peer review process from start to finish through intuitive and configurable screens that replicate your organization’s unique process. Generate peer review cases based on incident, patient experience, or claims records and thresholds. Assign specific tasks for increased accountability. Origami’s integrated tools and data APIs include OPPE and other external data, which can be aggregated into a single record for simplified analysis.


Break down silos of data with advanced values collection tools that improve the collection and dissection of your exposure data and external data sets. This includes data such as property schedule of values, FTEs, patient care delays, acute care beds, schedules of assets, fleet information, and more.


Analytics and benchmarking in Origami Risk makes data analysis straightforward and fast. Use dashboards, reports, and graphs to gain actionable insight across your entire healthcare risk environment.


Streamline the collection and standardization of employee injury, claims, return-to-work, and loss time data to provide insight and swift action. Uncover trends and identify problem claims with real-time analytics, and benchmark data with the Official Disability Guidelines (ODG) integration.


Shift to a proactive and holistic healthcare risk management program. House risk assessments in one place to standardize risk and exposure data for better analysis and reporting, and easily track progress on highrisk exposures across multiple years. ASHRM’s eight risk domains are incorporated in the solution to ensure the use of industry best practices.