Recent Case Studies

Recent Case Study

At the start of 2015, DHL began implementing Origami Risk’s RMIS throughout its self-administered cargo claims operations in the UK and Ireland. As part of the first phase of its implementation, the Origami Risk RMIS is being used within both DHL’s cargo and casualty claim operations throughout the UK and Ireland.
Despite the success of MSGIA’s (Montana Schools Group Insurance Authority) two pools, leadership recognized the need to operate more efficiently, as well as to speed the delivery of critical claims and risk information to member school districts throughout the state. Advances in risk management technology, including the widening availability of cloud-based risk management information systems such as those provided by Origami Risk, began to draw the attention of MSGIA’s leadership team as the means to achieve these improvements.
Port of Seattle
Despite seemingly having all the elements in place to create a first-class culture of safety—such as a collaborative risk and safety department, and an engaged workforce—the Port of Seattle, a public enterprise in Washington State, couldn’t seem to overcome the procedural barriers inhibiting front-line supervisors and employees from proactively partnering with safety to analyze risk and prevent injuries. This kept the two groups from being completely transparent, and as a result, they struggled to meaningfully reduce worker injuries and contain associated costs.

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We've customized our cloud-based software to reflect the needs of different sectors within the risk and insurance marketplace — a feat made possible by technology that can easily be configured to address your business objectives, alongside a support team with tremendous risk and insurance experience who are ready to help with implementations and ongoing service.

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Origami Risk is an integrated platform of products that includes RMIS, Claims, Safety, Analytics, Underwriting, and Data Tools. It allows you to effortlessly integrate workflows, aggregate your data across disciplines, easily analyze it, and automatically act on insights — from within a single system — to generate tremendous efficiencies.

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Origami Risk takes customer satisfaction seriously — a fact proven by our industry-leading awards and incredibly loyal customers who gladly validate our products and services. What sets us apart? A singular focus on our customers' business objectives underlies our approach to designing software and providing support. The success of Origami Risk is a credit to our team of experts — industry veterans capable of offering invaluable insight during implementation, eager to partner with clients to develop new, innovative solutions, and committed to ensuring our customers continue to take advantage of all Origami Risk has to offer.


Founded by industry veterans, Origami Risk aspires to make each and every client successful. We provide free resources with the same objective—to share knowledge to make risk managers, claims managers, insurance pool managers and others in the insurance industry successful.

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Origami Risk is the award-winning, #1 ranked cloud-based software provider for the risk and insurance industry. Our team is made up of experienced insurance and risk professionals who possess a balance of industry knowledge and technology expertise.

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