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Our implementation of Origami for claims administration is another milestone in Pie’s overall investment and commitment to building a world-class claims organization from the ground up.” 

Carla Woodard
VP of Claims, Pie Insurance
Pie Insurance
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Electronic data interchange (EDI) compliance

Submit information from a claims administration system that is inherently compliant with any jurisdiction’s EDI requirements to help avoid penalties and fines. Leverage our integrated rules-based engine to make EDI-related decisions for your adjusters.


CMS Section 111 mandatory insurer reporting

Non-compliance with CMS Section 111 regulations can be a costly endeavor--draining time and financial resources if you or your clients get stuck constantly re-submitting data or paying fines for inaccurate submissions. We automate the entire process to help you accurately report on time, the first time.


Indemnity benefits calculations

Provide your adjusters with access to up-to-date and accurate indemnity benefits calculations in a seamless, intuitive workflow. We eliminate your reliance on time-consuming searches for current state-specific workers’ compensation income benefit laws, and we eliminate the dangerous practice of using unsecured spreadsheets for these compliance calculations.


Compliance forms & correspondence

Our comprehensive library of U.S. rules and rates is kept up-to-date by Origami compliance experts. Our solution can automatically select the right form, populate it directly from your claim data, and deliver the completed document(s) to designated recipients and regulatory agencies.


Average weekly wage calculations

Average weekly wage (AWW) calculations are integrated with Origami’s powerful workflow. Prompts guide adjuster input of state, disability type, key dates, and wage details. With a single-click, AWW is returned along with the state statute used in the calculation.


OSHA reporting

With Origami Risk, improve the quality of workplace injury and illness data collected, reduce the amount of time spent on compliance-related activities, fulfill the latest OSHA reporting requirements, and implement processes that help to ensure compliance and audit clearance while fostering a culture of safety throughout the organization.


Third-party integrations

Our solution can seamlessly integrate with third-party data predictive models, Medical Bill Review, Pharmacy Benefit Management, and other workers’ comp related tools to provide adjusters efficiencies from using a single work platform.


Return to work

Decrease worker loss time and improve employee health and well-being throughout the process. We offer Official Disability Guidelines (ODG) integration, access to treatment best practices for more accurate and successful recovery plans, and alert notifications to keep claims moving forward to resolution.

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