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Listen and "dig in"

We ask thoughtful questions and listen to understand what our clients are trying to accomplish. Taking the time to actively engage with clients informs the work we do and enables us to see new possibilities.


Do what it takes to deliver

The say/do ratio is high at Origami. We keep commitments to clients. We hold ourselves to a high standard. We deliver. Our clients have confidence in us as a trusted partner for the long run.


Co-create the future

We have “seen it before.” Clients expect that by combining our experience and their insights we can look around the corner together. We work with clients and partners to push the boundaries and ask, “What else is possible?”

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Challenge the status quo

Our industry is rich in data and poor in insights. When we find room for improvement, it’s an opportunity to make a change. We look to answer questions and find new ways forward. 


Be persistently curious

“Possibility” is among our favorite words — there is always more to discover. We seek feedback, improve by doing, and look for opportunities to learn more by meeting change head-on.


Think big and innovate for the long term

We see major possibilities for transforming risk and insurance. We think and act with a long horizon to lead that transformation. If there’s something we can’t do today, we work to make it possible.

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Be yourself

Everyone brings uniqueness when they join Origami, and those differences make us better every day. We believe great
achievements happen when people are free to be themselves. Transparency and trust enable us to accomplish great things


Love to compete

We work hard and compete to win. While we take winning seriously, it is also fun and worth celebrating… so we do!


Challenge and support one another

Our colleagues are wickedly smart and have high standards. We challenge each other with an eagerness to learn, share knowledge, and back each other up.