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The Workers’ Compensation sector has a rich history of financial success in underwriting, but the landscape is evolving rapidly. The need to enhance operational efficiency, combat fraud, and navigate the intensifying competition from multi-line insurers is more pressing than ever. 

Explore how Artificial Intelligence (AI), is reshaping the Workers’ Compensation landscape. Learn how insurers use AI to gain insights, streamline processes, automate decisions, and improve outcomes for injured workers. 

This insightful discussion, presented by Clara Analytics and Origami Risk, will cover: 

  • Enhance communication, care coordination, and return-to-work strategies to boost worker satisfaction and reduce claims duration. 

  • Explore the efficiency of cloud-based core solutions for optimized operations and improved scalability. 

  • Discover real-world applications of AI in Workers’ Compensation and the resulting benefits for insurers' outcomes and profitability. 


Jaime Henry, VP of Product, Origami Risk 

Heather Wilson, CEO CLARA Analytics