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With Origami Risk, take full advantage of award-winning solutions and platform flexibility to streamline your healthcare claims handling processes, drive productivity, and inform decisions that contribute to swift, cost-effective claim closure.

Automated Healthcare Claim Workflows

From first notice of loss to final payment, configure powerful workflow tools to automate processes, standardize procedures, and increase efficiency. Data entry, relative dates, changes made to claim details, or payments and reserves that exceed defined thresholds can trigger the creation of alerts, diaries, tasks, claimant communications, or the routing of financial approvals.

Document Management

Scan and upload paper documents, then attach the files to any record in Origami Risk. Email file attachments directly to claim records. View documents by selecting from a list of recently opened files, or search across all files in the system for specific words or phrases.

Healthcare Analytics & Reporting

Healthcare analytics in Origami Risk makes data analysis straightforward and fast. Easily compare patient safety incidents and other claims to others in the system. Use dashboards, reports, and graphs to gain actionable insight and assess performance. Our full suite of dashboards, reports, and analytics tools–such as a risk impact/probability heat map, bubble charts, and risk exposure values—helps you visualize risk. Then export your results into a spreadsheet or reports to share with your executive team.

OSHA Compliance & Reporting

Origami offers full integration with ADT/HL7 for patient data, in addition to interfacing with ERMs, lab systems (for infection control), pharmacy (formularies), and other systems. This allows for easy data retrieval and aggregation of all adverse events in one system.

Data Tools & Third-Party Software Integration

Import claims, transactions, incidents, locations, and more. Load data into the system from virtually any source, including ERMs, lab systems, pharmacy, ADT/HL7, legacy systems, and more.