Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Compliance

Streamline how you report worker injury data to state regulators by submitting information from a claims management system that is inherently compliant with any jurisdiction’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) requirements. In addition to ensuring EDI compliance, the solution helps maximize resources by alleviating the clerical burdens associated with reporting.

Streamline the Submission Process

Relieve adjusters from much of the time-consuming decision-making associated with EDI submissions. Let Origami Risk’s rules-based engine make many of those decisions for them--all the while reducing erroneous submissions and the need to continuously re-file as a result.

  • Automatically generate reports from claim records, pre-filling them with relevant claim data required by the jurisdiction(s) where the forms must be submitted.
  • The system determines which reports need to be sent to each state and then validates against state rules.

Maximize Resources While Improving Compliance

Let your claims management system be your EDI compliance officer. Spend fewer resources on EDI reporting minutia, and devote more resources to expanding services, adding revenue streams, or making adjusters and IT staff more effective. Meanwhile, you can also decrease data entry mistakes from re-keying information; reduce erroneous submissions and associated costs; and finally, lessen the likelihood of missing reporting deadlines.

  • The system evaluates all data and identifies any triggering events that need to be reported within a certain time frame, relieving adjusters from having to know which reports need to be submitted where and when
  • The system also sends adjusters notes if they need to reconcile any discovered errors or missing data that is required--helping to get reporting right on the first try and again, saving adjusters from having to know all data requirements off the top of their heads
  • Because our system is EDI compliant, your IT staff doesn’t have to spend the time and money to make your in-house technology EDI compliant