Section 111 MMSEA

Origami Risk interfaces with CMS-111, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ mandatory reporting requirements. To eliminate the potential for overpayment, the integration allows for the seamless transition of claim data from organizations and CMS to determine if any claimants whose coverage from Medicare might overlap with coverage from either Group Health Plans or Non Group Health Plans.


  • Rules-based technology with consistent and solid judgement to automatically filter out claims that must be sent to CMS
  • Automatically populate reports with claim data
  • Report claims to CMS on a client-defined automatic schedule


  • Quicker and more streamlined reporting, with real-time notifications to keep the process moving
  • Improved compliance and protection against overpayment
  • Less duplicative data entry and fewer associated data input mistakes
  • Reduced fines and overall costs associated with the CMS 111 compliance process