Patient Experience

Understanding the reasons and causes for a complaint are critical for the overall patient experience. Origami Risk provides a complete set of tools that allow patient experience professionals to enter, track, and aggregate complaint and grievance data in the most meaningful way. These tools are easy-to-use and efficient, too, saving time and helping ensure accuracy.


Our patient experience solution includes:

  • The ability to track complaints, grievances, requests, and compliments in a consolidated system
  • Data taxonomy with the ability to track all aspects of a case in a single record while maintaining compliance with industry requirements
  • The ability to enter all cases from a mobile device, both online and offline
  • The ability to enter and track complaints and grievances from inception to resolution, including reimbursement transactions
  • Integrated patient portals and survey tools, which allow patients to report issues and concerns directly through the platform
  • Integrated data interfaces with ADT/HL7 for quick integration with patient demographics


  • Patients have access to portals for simplified reporting, leading to speedier resolution of issues
  • Grievance tracking with calendar integration ensures deadlines are met and cases have the proper follow-up
  • Proactive alerts and notifications prevent duplicate case entry and warn of patients involved in multiple cases, reducing administrative work
  • Industry-leading notification and workflow generation tools allow for more efficient case management
  • Dashboards, reports, and analytics provide tailored reporting to leadership and other stakeholders, keeping the organization strategically aligned