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For healthcare risk and safety professionals, when incidents or issues occur, the first requirement is to do something to resolve the immediate issue. However, the same issue will likely keep occurring until the deeper causes are understood and remediated.

The Root Causes Analysis (RCA) process helps teams understand the many causes that contribute to an effect and identify areas for improvement.

In this on-demand video demonstration, you’ll learn how Origami Risk facilitates the RCA process with built-in capabilities for:

  • Documenting the problem, collecting incident details and/or linking from the parent incident data
  • Associating tasks, notes, emails, and files to support the RCA process
  • Tracking progress with RCAs and corrective actions via Dashboard reports
  • Leveraging workflow notifications and escalations for meeting due dates and communicating results
  • Documenting contributing factors and the event timeline
  • Monitoring progress with corrective action implementation
  • Automatically creating a Fishbone Diagram and using for communication with broader teams