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Bureaus distribute circular updates daily – and as many as 500 to 1,000 actionable circulars are issued every year, making it challenging for insurers to stay current. Origami’s full-service offering empowers clients to stay current more quickly and flexibly.

Origami offers a full-service approach to managing bureau content; we take care of implementing circular updates for our insurer customers in near real-time. We support the most common coverages, class codes, and forms for all 50 states and DC for ISO and NCCI. Our true multi-tenant SaaS platform works seamlessly with client deviations, which helps avoid lengthy release cycles.  

In this 15-minute solution showcase, you’ll learn: 

  • How the service works, 

  • The role of version keys in streamlining updates, and 

  • How to get started using this service for your business 

Interested in learning how to leverage this capability for your organization? Reach out to your account manager or, if you’re new to Origami, contact us