Solution Showcase | Origami Claims Reserving

Optimize the reserving process with automated and manual workflows to ensure optimization set aside for efficient claims liability estimation.

Origami's flexible platform helps you manage limits and approvals, use automation to streamline work and provide end-to-end reporting of the reserving

2024 State of Risk Report | Origami Risk

Each year, the risk environment continues to evolve exponentially, forcing organizations to level up or get left behind. This year was no different. With the expanded use of technologies like artificial intelligence, continuing geopolitical instability, and impacts of climate change, among other

Solution Showcase | Building Custom Insurance Products the Easy Way

The demand for custom insurance products has never been higher in today's rapidly evolving insurance industry. These bespoke solutions cater to the unique needs of consumers and businesses alike, providing tailored coverage that traditional, one-size-fits-all policies cannot. As market dynamics

The MGA Guide to 2024

The managing general agent (MGA) market is experiencing a staggering period of growth. According to a recent Conning release, the 24% growth of the MGA market outpaced property and casualty (P&C) in 2022, with the total U.S. MGA market exceeding $85 billion in direct premiums.  

The dynamism and