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By: Sean Salvas, Sr Market Strategy Lead, EHS

This week, we announced our partnership with STP ComplianceEHS, which leverages Origami’s flexible open API to bring regulatory content from over 100 jurisdictions, including 50 US states, into Origami’s EHS Solution Suite.

It’s no secret that regulatory compliance is hard to maintain. Our clients tell us about their EHS and compliance teams spending countless hours manually searching for and updating their regulatory information on spreadsheets and other decentralized systems. Not only is this inefficient from a time and resource perspective, but the organization also runs the risk of compliance tasks and activities slipping through the cracks, putting the company in danger of receiving hefty regulatory fines.

That’s why we partnered with STP–to make it easier for EHS teams to ensure compliance without having to do excessive repetitive work and research. When you buy Origami’s EHS platform, you have the option to add on the integration with STP RegHub and/or STP AuditHub. This means clients can log into the STP site and specify which topics and jurisdictions apply to them at both the country and state levels. Then, within Origami, clients can access a legal register informing them of all the relevant rules and regulations for their geography.

RegHub Example
                                        Example Regulation Imported into Legal Register from STP

They can also import regulatory content (available in local language for 17 jurisdictions) into audit checklists and assign those audit questions to relevant parties based on location and job duties. Regulations listed in the legal register can be referenced and linked back to the audit. And differences between state and federal regulations can also be highlighted. Because of Origami’s robust workflows, EHS leaders can stay apprised of the status of audits and inspections assigned, ensuring that all critical compliance tasks are completed on time.

audit hub
                                         Example Audit Checklist Content Imported Into Origami from STP

With all EHS Regulatory data in a central location with Origami and the STP integration, EHS leaders can take control of regulatory compliance. To learn more about this partnership and how it can benefit you and your team, go to the landing page or contact us.