Why The Changing Landscape Demands A New Approach To Claims Management

From COVID-19 and natural disasters to new competitors, compliance, and P&C core systems — the impact that these things are having on insurance professionals, processes, and technology is unprecedented. But instead of separating the claim from risk management, now's the time to weld them together

RMIS Essentials: 3 Steps to Making the Switch

In this free guide, we’ll walk you through the three steps you need to take to go from manual tasks and overly complex spreadsheets to automation, robust reporting, and more using a Risk Management Information System (RMIS). With much to consider, and with no two systems created equal, it’s

Leverage the Right Technology to Help Navigate Policy Management

In this on-demand webinar with Stacey Regan, Executive-Insurance at GE, we examine:

  • Current challenges facing policy and program management
  • Reimagining the data collection process
  • How technology can help with the data collection process as well as provide valuable insights for the insurance

Industry: Program Admins & MGAs/MGUs

Core Insurance SaaS Platform

Launch New Programs Efficiently

For P&C program administrators, MGAs, and MGUs, our cloud-based policy life cycle and claims administration solution is as agile as your business model. We make it easy for you to streamline processes, be more competitive in the marketplace, and go to market quicker with new products on a single SaaS platform that provides you with policy, rating, billing, claims, and robust analytics functionality you can easily tailor to your organization’s specific lines of business.

Automate Policy, Underwriting & Renewal Management

A fully integrated underwriting, rating, and policy issuance system, including web-based applications and policy changes, enables seamless collection of policy data directly from agents and insureds. All of this allows for flexible rating, calculations, and document generation.

  • Automate Rating Calculations
  • Manage Policy, Billing, and Claims
  • Leverage Digital Analytics

Automate Claims Handling & Processing

Position yourself ahead of the competition and provide tangible value by streamlining the claims process. Reduce claims cost with efficient, automated handling that works to reduce leakage. 

  • Automate Best Practices
  • Increase Adjuster Efficiency
  • Empower Management
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Easily Power Data-Driven Decisions

Drive automation and allow your staff including underwriters and claims adjusters to be excellent in the moment. Origami puts analytics where your team needs it—integrated in your workflow. Reporting for both internal and external needs has never been easier. Ensure that key stakeholders get the data they need in the right format, quickly. With Origami, your time is spent on actionable analysis.

  • Integrated Policy and Claims Analytics
  • Benchmarking and Artificial Intelligence
  • Automated Distribution of Reports
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Give Policyholders & Agents Autonomy

Make it easier for all insureds or agents to get quotes, purchase insurance, change their policies (mid-term or at renewal), pay bills, request proof of coverage, submit claims, and more. Automate information delivery to insured via their preferred channel: web or mobile, email or text.

  • Easily Utilize Data and Dashboards
  • Improve Customer Experience and Retention
  • Increase Transparency With Stakeholders
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Policy Administration

Streamline processes and enhance distribution channels.


Claims Administration

Drive efficiency in core claims operations.


Policy Digital Engagement

Offer compelling buying experiences.


Claims Digital Engagement

Streamline claims collaboration.



Easily deliver key insights to stakeholders and decision makers.

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