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We sat down with Swati Kawle, senior market strategy lead for policy and billing at Origami, to talk about how insurers and others manage bureau circular updates. Knowing that the volume and complexity of staying current with ISO and NCCI updates is a pain point for many companies, Origami recently launched a solution to make this easier
Q: What brought you to Origami?

A: Origami Risk came to my attention while I was working as a management consultant at Accenture. Origami had a significant presence in the risk management industry at that time and had recently expanded into the insurance policy and billing space. Their unique product architecture intrigued me. No one else was delivering a true multi-tenant SaaS core insurance solution — and that’s still the case today. I wanted to be a part of bringing this to the industry and innovating and evolving it for the future. I joined the Origami team in 2019 and am now the market strategy lead for policy and billing.

Q: What recent product release are you most excited about and why?

A: I’m really excited about the full-service bureau content management solution we introduced earlier this year. Origami now implements ISO and NCCI circular updates for our customers. We support the most common coverages, class codes, and forms for all 50 states and DC. It’s truly unique and is going to be a huge benefit to our clients.

We made the process really simple. When new circulars come out, Origami takes care of the work involved in analyzing and configuring the updates in the system. All our clients need to do is choose to adopt, reject, or modify the updates, and then the changes move to production. It’s far less time-consuming than what many of them experience today. Our clients’ deviations in the form of rates, rules, and forms are maintained separately from the circular updates, which makes implementing updates quicker and easier. We’ve included support for a variety of common lines of business — like general liability, commercial property, commercial auto, inland marine, crime, umbrella, and NCCI workers’ compensation — with more to come.

Q: What makes Origami’s Bureau solution different from other solutions on the market today?

A: There are two key differences. First, we subscribe to the bureaus; we read the circulars and analyze and configure the updates in the system.  Second, we deploy the content within a true multi-tenant architecture, which makes it easy for clients to adopt the updates, where needed. 

Processing ISO and NCCI content ourselves gives Origami advantages over other software vendors’ products and offerings, particularly in how that content is provided to clients. We’ve designed a set of services that take care of the “heavy lifting,” so our clients don’t have to. We understand the bureaus’ intentions because we engage deeply with the circular process while navigating our clients’ product strategies. Our bureau insights are shared with clients approximately 60 to 90 days in advance so that there are no surprises. In fact, we’re one of the few software providers to align our bureau content releases with the associated circulars, making ongoing compliance easy. The net effect is that proprietary rates, rules, and forms don’t override or interfere with bureau content, and vice versa. 

Q: An insurer’s rating algorithms are often considered their “secret sauce.” How does Origami offer robust configurability of rating formulas while still being able to deliver frequent, easy updates?

A: The architecture of our bureau content repository is unique to the industry. Residing within a multi-tenant environment, all Origami clients leverage a single database. This provides several benefits. Most importantly it means we have efficiency of scale, allowing our efforts to benefit all our 900+ customers. Additionally, our bureau architecture was designed from the ground up to enable compliance and product experts to easily navigate, test, and deploy bureau content. Our version's key functionalities are innovative and offer unmatched self-sufficiency and auditability. When it comes to bureau content, simply receiving the rates, rules, and forms isn’t enough. Managing bureau content is an ongoing process for most insurers, and Origami’s architecture and easy-to-use tools provide a platform that is unrivaled.

Swati Kawle is an accomplished business leader with over a decade of experience in navigating the ever-changing landscape of a company's business and industry climate. She has delivered transformative solutions in areas of business and digital strategy development and execution for leading North American insurance players.

As a senior market strategy lead at Origami Risk, Swati is responsible for understanding clients’ business and technology issues and coming up with solutions that address these issues while delivering value. Swati also leads and oversees all aspects of client implementations including data transformation and system configuration as well as ongoing support and client services.