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In this on-demand webinar, watch industry veterans Robert Petrie (CEO & Founder of Origami Risk), Patrick O’Neill (co-author of the RMIS Report and Redhand Advisors’ President & Founder), and James Curbeam (Director of Risk Management, Las Vegas Valley Water District)  as they discuss current trends in risk management and risk technology. 

In addition to a discussion about the response of risk professionals to the challenges of 2021 and how they are (or are not) adapting to prepare for the era of the “new normal,” the webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Key takeaways from the recently published 2022 RMIS Report and 2022 State of Risk Report
  • How “Leader” organizations are viewing risk management technology more strategically than others
  • What’s holding back those who want to elevate their risk technology profiles
  • Which industry benchmarks are most concerning (and which are most promising)
  • What you can do today to better prepare for the future

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