RMIS Essentials: 3 Steps to Making the Switch

In this free guide, we’ll walk you through the three steps you need to take to go from manual tasks and overly complex spreadsheets to automation, robust reporting, and more using a Risk Management Information System (RMIS). With much to consider, and with no two systems created equal, it’s

2021 CIR Risk Software Report

In this year’s report, we discuss the value of a proactive, strategic, and agile approach to risk management following the many lessons learned in 2020. As we prepare for what’s next, Origami’s Neil Scotcher, Senior Sales Executive - EMEA, assesses where things stand and how organizations can build

How to Tackle COVID-19 Outbreak Reporting & Vaccination Tracking

Join our experts in a live session where we’ll preview Origami’s latest coronavirus-related solutions and discuss:

  • Understanding the new state-level OSHA outbreak reporting requirements
  • Developing effective strategies for outbreak and vaccination tracking in a dynamic environment
  • Seeing what