Henry Schein

henry schein
With over 25,000 employees and 400+ locations worldwide, managing insurance renewals and maintaining proper coverage is an extensive undertaking for Henry Schein's risk management team.

In this case study, we examine how Henry Schein streamlined its annual values collection process, enhanced visibility and accountability, and improved alignment with insurers by leveraging Origami Risk's highly-configurable platform to collect, track and report on exposure data.
Henry Schein

2024 RMIS Report | Origami Risk

From an outlook on the risk market for 2024 to a deep dive into your options for RMIS solutions, the RMIS report concludes that, given the challenges facing risk management professionals across the industry, it is more important than ever to “level up” and make sure your organization squeezes the

2024 State of Risk Report | Origami Risk

Each year, the risk environment continues to evolve exponentially, forcing organizations to level up or get left behind. This year was no different. With the expanded use of technologies like artificial intelligence, continuing geopolitical instability, and impacts of climate change, among other

Spring into Safety: Unlocking the Power of Origami Mobile

Take a look at our product demo, 'Spring into Safety,' where we'll showcase the transformative features of Origami Mobile. In this guided session, we'll explore how safety progressions can master safety audits in the modern era and highlight the capabilities that redefine incident management anytime

CIR Risk Software Report 2024

The annual Risk Software Report, produced by Continuity, Insurance & Risk (CIR) magazine, provides risk management professionals with: 

  • A risk software market analysis 

  • Product summaries from more than 20 vendors 

  • A thorough features comparison of vendors’ risk software

Women of Risk & Compliance: Leading and Learning One Step at a Time

Produced in partnership with RIMS

In celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD) and the 2024 IWD theme of “Inspire Inclusion,” join an esteemed panel for discussion surrounding:

  • Career progression and planning
  • Lessons learned and achievements attained
  • How to advocate for yourself and

FPPEs: improving clinical practices and patient safety

With Origami’s healthcare solution, you can optimize your team’s FPPE process with industry best-practice forms and guided workflow, ultimately improving efficiencies through simplified processes and automated notifications. Additionally, the FPPE process is integrated within Peer Reviews