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Business Continuity Management - BCM

Get a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s readiness, and monitor the entire resiliency process with business continuity management


Integrated Risk Management - IRM

A truly-integrated, single SaaS platform that brings together risk, safety, insurance and compliance data enables you to take insight-driven actions that wouldn’t otherwise happen.


Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Manage GRC Solutions in a Single Platform  


Enterprise Risk Management

Manage Risk and Opportunities Across the Enterprise

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  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)

    Transform the way your organization views risks, and compliance

    Address risks, understand the organization’s actions and controls, and enable a proactive approach with a fully-integrated platform.

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    See the bigger picture

    Break down silos and create a unified, forward-looking view across the enterprise that identifies critical threats and opportunities.

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    Turn insight into action

    Make better decisions and get ahead of issues with data that provides stakeholders with context and clarity.

  • Risk Management Information System (RMIS)

    A comprehensive risk management solution

    From claims management and incident intake, to exposure values collection and TCOR — manage all aspects of risk on a single platform.

    Man planning logistics
    Streamline Processes

    Free yourself from administrative tasks and focus on what matters

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    Solutions that work with you

    Easily configure Origami to adjust to your specific workflows