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Streamline the policy administration process from end to end.
Simultaneously compare multiple proposals

Deliver new products to markets quickly and efficiently, while offering a modern buying experience to agents and customers. Origami manages the entire policy life cycle with fully integrated digital solutions including dashboards and advanced analytics. Origami will manage submissions from quote to bind, policy changes, and renewals as well as the rating and billing lifecycles. Accessible via web and mobile, the cloud platform is designed for all the key stakeholders in the policy lifecycle: Underwriters, CSRs, agents and insureds. Powered by AWS, Origami’s SaaS solutions are highly configurable, don’t require custom development, and deliver new features quarterly.

Simultaneously compare multiple proposals


Be Efficient

Time saved from the clerical burdens associated with managing risk can be redeployed to more high value activities.

Be Informed

Feel confident your data is telling you or your clients an accurate story, allowing for data-driven decision making.

Be Effective

Data-driven decision making is sound decision-making, leading to positive results that can be proven.

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Best in Class


Our client executives have the tools, client access and authority necessary to collaborate with you in the most productive and efficient way possible.


Gathering, reporting and analyzing data, as well as acting on data insights, has never been more timely and efficient.


Access the features you love with confidence that your system will be secure, reliable, fast and can adapt to your needs.

How Our Underwriting Capabilities Compare

Origami Risk is the #1 rated stand alone risk management information system, as ranked by the industry leading Advisen RMIS Review—an annual survey of RMIS customers regarding their satisfaction levels with their providers.

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What Customers are Saying

“The reporting capabilities are superb and are capable of measuring and tracking such a variety of items that I’m now quantifying losses in new and creative ways that would not have been possible with our previous RMIS system. I've recommended Origami to anyone inquiring about RMIS systems.”

- Tom Johnson
Director, Risk Management ● Bowlmor AMF, Inc.

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