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Watch our webinar that delves into the transformative power of no-code platforms and API integration in the insurance sector. As we explore the journey from early adoption to mainstream integration, this session will provide a comprehensive overview of technologies that have successfully crossed "The Chasm," marking their transition into mainstream adoption. Discover how Managing General Agents (MGAs) and established carriers are utilizing these advancements to accelerate their pace, reduce costs, and innovate within the insurance market. 

What you will learn:

  • Understand the Chasm Theory and its implications for technology adoption in the insurance industry. 
  • Discover how early adopters in insurance are using technology to gain a competitive edge. 

Who should watch:

  • Insurance professionals seeking to innovate and streamline operations 
  • MGAs looking for scalable growth strategies 
  • Established carriers interested in integrating new lines with minimal disruption 
  • Insurtech innovators and early adopters aiming to stay ahead of market trends