Policy Analytics

Origami Risk integrates with Advisen, the insurance industry’s largest independent source of program benchmark data, so users can efficiently benchmark limits, premiums, and retentions against more than three million insurance programs from more than 375,000 entities–all from a centralized and secure location.

Simplify Analysis

Comparing organizational data against Advisen’s vast industry data all takes place within Origami Risk’s single, secure environment, meaning users no longer need to manually enter policy and coverage details into Advisen’s separate system. Instead, they can run their policy information up against industry data with just a few clicks, and then capture the analysis right away in Origami Risk.

  • Store and transmit data using Origami Risk’s secure technology.
  • Pre-loaded policy data and simple filters make it easy to run queries you deem pertinent.
  • Complete, store and share analysis in moments with automated tools that eliminate duplicative data entry, encourage real-time data analysis and trigger reports to stakeholders.

Foresee Evolving Risks

With the most comprehensive view of the insurance marketplace at your fingertips, it’s easier to evaluate potential market threats, ensure underwriting and coverage is consistent across industry peers, and detect indicators that might influence portfolio performance going forward.

  • Visual graphs make it easy to identify trends or coverage realities.
  • Feel confident your decision-making is informed with access to such vast industry data.
  • Access industry data and organization-specific data in one central location for optimal analysis and fewer opportunities for duplicative data entry errors.

Benchmark Coverage Options

Benchmark the limits, retentions, and premiums of your coverage or that of your clients within Origami Risk. Robust industry-loss data, alongside organization-specific data, helps to highlight actuarial, underwriting, and claims information that can impact portfolio performance.

  • Benchmark premiums and limits against peers in similar industries or with similar organizational makeup.
  • Evaluate premium rate per $1 million of coverage.
  • Use exposure ratios to level off more diverse peer groups.