Construction Risk & Safety Software Solutions

Keep Workers Safe, Maintain Compliance  

Improve employee and contractor safety, track compliance and automate inspections, behavior-based observations, and audits—all from one mobile-accessible platform. Origami Risk helps you manage projects, sites, OCIP, CCIP, and more, with ease.

Keep Crews Safe

Identify hazards, conduct audits, identify root causes, implement corrective actions, and more. With Origami, you can establish transparency and spot trends early, gain control of administrative-heavy processes like COI, and keep tabs on every moving piece from one central place.

  • Create and Distribute Reports
  • Gain Visibility into Loss Controls
  • Compile and Monitor Safety Metrics
Man managing construction tasks on site

Maintain Control from the Job Site

Define corrective actions, prevent losses, and stay compliant. No matter where you work from, your team has access to tools that help to enforce safety-conscious choices.

  • Centralize Inspection, Observation, and Audit Data
  • Control Data Quality and Task Completion
  • Conduct Audits, Inspections, and Observations from the Field
Man planning logistics

Streamline Requests and Workflows

Manage certificate requests, workflows, and more across job sites, sub-contractors, and vendors in one place. Create risk profiles for vendors, define requirements, and automate communication to make relationship management seamless.

  • Automate Reports
  • Track Expirations
  • Build Custom Dashboards
man viewing analytics dashboard

Simplify Location and Property Management Processes

Log location-specific and other job site data from the field via mobile or tablet. Gain insight into property data, related policies, incidents, assets, fleet, certificates, OSHA reports, and more.

  • Centralize Site Location Data
  • Simplify Reporting and Analytics
  • Deploy Automated Workflows
man planning out workflow process on tablet
Construction workers on site

Baker Concrete Construction

I have to admit, based on my past experience, I had serious doubts in trusting it was even possible to implement a RMIS in such a short time. However, our service persons’ attention to detail, responsiveness to phone calls and emails, and knowledge of Origami Risk is incredible. He proved my skepticism was unnecessary. You have turned me into a raving fan!
Moving from our old RMIS system to Origami Risk was a no brainer for us.

Robyn Miller, CRIS, AIC

Baker Concrete Construction
Risk Manager

Location & Property Management

Simplify your most complex organizational structures.

Investigations & Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Investigate the root causes of your safety issues.

Internal Controls Management

Understand the effectiveness of your internal controls.

Safety Audits & Inspections

Comprehensive audit and inspection technology for identifying hazards, risks, and taking action.

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