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Risk management and safety management are often independent disciplines among most organizations. Although both seek similar goals and outcomes towards reduced losses and more efficient financing of these losses, these departments may not necessarily work together. These commonalities often lead to duplicate and overlapping efforts that may be inefficient and expensive. Risk managers often lack visibility into safety programs, which can impact workers’ compensation claims and insurance premiums. And safety leaders frequently don’t have visibility into the financial impact of their programs, meaning they may struggle with organization buy-in on safety initiatives. But what if risk and safety teams were able to work more effectively together?

Watch this webinar sponsored by Origami Risk & moderated by Patrick O’Neill, President, and Founder, Redhand Advisors to learn about:

  • The benefits of risk and safety professionals collaborating
  • How technology can facilitate that collaboration
  • Real world risk and safety technology examples from professionals at Cheesecake Factory and Corewell Health

For more information, check out our Better Together resource page.