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Deliver exceptional experiences to your policyholders

Out-of-the-box personal lines policy and claims cloud solutions that allow you to offer compelling home and auto bundling to attract and retain policyholders anywhere you do business.

Policy Administration
Streamline homeowner policy management

Accelerate implementation time

Leverage pre-built, post-issuance workflows for endorsements, renewals, cancellations, reinstatements, and rewrites.

Flexibility to deliver your unique products

Configure property specifications for rating, billing and commission, business and underwriting rules, and policy documents to meet the needs of homeowners, condominium owners, and tenants.

Improve quoting with ecosystem connections

Leverage API integrations to access supplemental property, location, roof, and other data, to inform more accurate quotes and segmentation.

Provide coverage for precious possessions

Easily apply coverage for jewelry, fine art, or other items of value in the dwelling.

Deliver exceptional experiences

Foster positive customer experiences with straight-through policy processing and simplified endorsement management.


Drive customer satisfaction using billing touchpoints

Personalize delivery

Accommodate customer preferences and streamline operations with flexible billing options, including support for mortgagee billing, and automated invoicing.

Leverage ecosystem connections

Use pre-built ecosystem partner integrations for seamless payment processing.

Build trust through communication

Proactively notify policyholders with payment and renewal reminders to avoid late payments and penalties.
Claims Administration
Satisfy policyholders at every step

Speed cycle times

Help policyholders repair and restore more quickly with technology that connects vital providers, manages the claims lifecycle, and automates processes for ultimate efficiency.

Control adjudication expenses

Regardless of claim size, configurable automation, rules, and reporting ensure each claim gets the attention it deserves for optimal outcomes and reduced leakage.

Build policyholder confidence

Provide exceptional experiences with personalized communication and updates that build trust.



Selecting a New Core Platform?

Mitigate Risk with True Cloud SaaS

Implementing a new core insurance platform is a big commitment – one that will require careful management and methodology to succeed. In this guide, Origami shares tips and best practices from more than 1,000 successful multi-tenant SaaS implementations across insurance and risk industries.
You’re always on the latest software version
Benefit from best-in-class security, proven dependability, and trouble-free updates with our superior multi-tenant SaaS platform.
Connect with essential ecosystem partners through hundreds of proven integration templates.
Accelerate speed-to-market with configuration over coding.
Avoid costly, IT-intensive development and ongoing maintenance.