Manage payment authority

Authorize staff to finalize and issue payment on claims using persona-based rules that track every action to ensure proper governance.

Handle special circumstances

From fast-tracking no-touch claims payments to managing deductibles of all sizes, Origami helps make it all possible.
•    Recurring payments
•    Partial and one-off payments
•    Pay multiple parties 
•   Support multiple offsets and deductions (i.e child support and wage garnishments)
•    Combine multiple pending payments for a single client into one disbursement

Flexible (and fast) payment options

Customer satisfaction improves when you offer options for receiving claims payouts including partial, split and multi-claim. Integrations with third-party digital payment providers allow policyholders to select their preferred method.
•    ACH deposit
•    Prepaid card
•    Digital prepaid card
•    Direct to card
•    Online payment
•    Manual check