Risk Managers

Harness the full power of your risk, insurance, and claims data to prevent losses, control claim costs, inform decisions, and improve renewals to reduce your total cost of risk. Efficiently transmit data to, and from, a wide array of sources. Standardize that information for easy analysis. Then, with the help of rules-based decision-making tools, automatically prompt activity to drive success throughout your organization's risk-related departments.

  • Conquer TCOR
  • Improve renewals
  • Prevent losses
  • Control claims costs
  • Validate decision-making

What We Offer

Risk Management Information System

Eliminate the management of hundreds of spreadsheets or the need to login to multiple vendor systems by consolidating and standardizing all risk, claims, and policy data in a central repository that's accessible via a single login. With your data in one system, automate renewal and policy management activities, calculate the total cost of risk, and prompt follow-up activities after inspections. Additionally, you can access easy-to-understand analytics for evaluation of program performance, and use those analytics to automatically trigger task assignments and communications.

Safety and Loss Prevention

Origami Risk allows for increased visibility into your loss control activities with advanced analytics at your fingertips. Our tools enable risk management and safety professionals to work more efficiently when compiling and monitoring safety metrics. Features including automatic notifications, follow-up and escalation emails, and tasks allow you to streamline workflows while measuring safety progress and reducing costs.

Claims Administration

Configure Origami Risk to fit your claims handling workflows. Manage claims with tools to analyze reserves, track payments, and monitor claim activity. Streamline processes and create efficiencies by automating processes such as the creation of claims from incidents and the generation of payments & checks. Seamlessly and securely integrate with third-party systems for automatic reporting of claims data — from state regulatory bodies and the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, to outside vendors such as medical bill providers and nurse case managers.

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