Regulatory Compliance Solutions

Mapping and Accountability

Understand your organization’s compliance status with applicable internal and external policies and regulations. Ensure progress is made on deficiencies and that stakeholders have visibility into the process.

Identify critical deficiencies

Assess and rate compliance with standards and regulations relevant to your organization. Determine where additional resources are most needed, and triage compliance efforts.

  • Configurable rating scales
  • Central register of all regulations
  • Compatible with standards such as SOX 404, NIST, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI, BSA (BFSI), COBIT, Title IX, COSO, and more
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Monitor compliance efforts

Assign ownership and track progress with implementing action plans, new controls, and policy modifications. Prevent issues from “falling through the cracks” with automatic notifications, reminders and updates.

  • Track Corrective Action Plans
  • Assign responsibilities
  • Notify stakeholders automatically
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Automate your workflow

Increase accountability by enforcing the submission of evidence and implementation of action plans where needed.

  • Configure approval process
  • Set multiple reviewers
  • Automate review requests
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Connect to other GRC solutions

Correct Deficiencies before a scheduled internal/external audit. Share common data with internal audit, ICM, enterprise risk management and others for a coordinated response.

  • Create relevant dashboards
  • Push reports based on business needs
  • Communicate across the enterprise

Compliance rating tables

Configure ratings and scores to match your organization’s terminology and preferences


Analytics & reporting

Communicate status and progress with follow up activity to all stakeholders


Corrective action plans

Ensure follow up is timely, accountable, and transparent


Reviews & approvals

Customize the review process and require multiple levels of approval where needed


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