Pools & Captives

Let Origami Risk save you time and enhance your value to members with automated tools that drive efficiency and intuitive analytics that either incite change or prove positive results within members’ risk and insurance programs. Capture members’ risk data, adjust their claims, underwrite their policies, and then communicate with members about these efforts from a single system. Transition from one member’s data to the next with one login to streamline your efforts even further.

  • Reduce member losses
  • Improve member relations
  • Control member claim costs
  • Simplify underwriting and policy issuance
  • Streamline data transmission among internal and external sources

What We Offer

Risk Management Information System

Manage all your members’ risk, claims, insurance and loss prevention from one place. Especially, take advantage of the Risk Management Portal that allows field or remote users to enter any necessary claim data from any location. Tailor the portal’s content and layout specifically for your pool or captive, in addition to branding the system with your logo and colors, so clients will associate the system’s value more directly with you.

Claims Administration

The faster claims close, the less expensive they are. With automated tools to keep the claims process moving and the analytics to prove your well-managed claims process costs members less, you can position yourself as a viable solution for members’ or prospects’ claims administration needs.


Origami Risk’s state of the art underwriting tools are ideal for pools and captives. Gain full control over rating table configuration, formulas, proposals, client and insurer collaboration, policy issuance and billing.

Data Tools and Services

Submitting claim data to external sources can go from a high-touch to low-touch process thanks to data integration and automation tools that streamline how data is standardized and transmitted between your business and other organizations like the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, state governments, carriers, medical bill providers and nurse case managers.


Give members accurate and easy-to-understand data in the format they want—when they want it—all without constantly interrupting staff for loss-run reports, other unique requests or time consuming report generation.

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Our client executives have the tools, client access and authority necessary to collaborate with you in the most productive and efficient way possible.


Gathering, reporting and analyzing data, as well as acting on data insights, has never been more timely and efficient.


Access the features you love with confidence that your system will be secure, reliable, fast and can adapt to your needs.