Automated forms, letters, rates, and rules delivered
within any claim system

Origami Compliance solutions integrate with any claims software to provide adjusters with automated access to forms, rates, rules, and regulations to streamline their adjudication process. Our compliance rules engine evaluates your claims activity to automatically fill out the correct document from our library of over 5,000 forms and letters of correspondence. Our indemnity benefits rules engine further evaluates your claims to calculate average weekly wage (AWW) and indemnity benefits. Furthermore, adjusters can leverage our unique search engine to access more than 9,000 federal and state laws, regulations, and rates.


Be Efficient

Help less experienced adjusters perform like veterans, facilitate overlapping coverage for adjusters that are covering for a colleague in a jurisdiction they don’t handle frequently, and easily handle new jurisdictions if you’re expanding.

Be Informed

Your adjusters will always have the most up-to-date forms, accurate calculations, current rates and up-to-date regulations powered by a comprehensive rules engine.

Be Effective

Access to up-to-date forms, laws, regulations, and rates helps to ensure compliance requirements are met as you bring on less experienced adjusters or expand your business into new jurisdictions.

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Best in Class


Our client executives have the tools, client access and authority necessary to collaborate with you in the most productive and efficient way possible.


Gathering, reporting and analyzing data, as well as acting on data insights, has never been more timely and efficient.


Access the features you love with confidence that your system will be secure, reliable, fast and can adapt to your needs.

How Our Compliance Solutions Work

Origami Compliance solutions are delivered via a web application programming interface (API) that operates behind the scenes to facilitate a reliable and secure connection with any claims management system.

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What Customers are Saying

“My initial vision was of a company that would be collecting valuable information and removing administrative responsibilities for the client and the injured employee. In many ways, I was inventing it along the way. The Origami Compliance system was exactly what I was looking for.””

- Paul Binsfield
Founder and CEO of Company Nurse

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