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With approximately 55,000 staff members serving 90 million people per year at more than 300 locations, The Cheesecake Factory® faces some daunting safety challenges. In this case study, we look at how The Cheesecake Factory® is meeting these challenges by unifying the company’s risk & safety programs and data.
Cheesecake Factory

2023 State of Risk Report | Origami Risk

Origami Risk surveyed nearly 300 risk, safety, compliance, and insurance professionals from more than 20 industries for the 2023 State of Risk report. Respondents, composed of a majority of C-level executives, confirmed a clear takeaway that emerged from the results of this year’s survey — risk

McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

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"The MAP Program enables McCarthy to achieve consistency in risk management measures and compliance across the enterprise irrespective of the market segment or where a project is located and the degree of complexity involved," -Allen Gershenson, Vice President of Ethics and Compliance at McCarthy
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

Solution Showcase | Employee Health Management

Spend 15 minutes with us as we showcase our new Employee Health solution. Developed originally to address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on employee health and safety, this award-winning solution now delivers even more capabilities.

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