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7 Standard Incident Forms
Includes Injured Employee & Environmental Spill
8 Standard Safety Reports
1 Standard OSHA Schedule
Corporate & Site Level Dashboards
TRIR, DART, LTI, SR, ISO Readiness Score
Audit, Inspection, BBS Percent Safe by Location & Category
Online & Offline Mobile
with No Need for User Login
App & Web Browser
Ability to Take Photos / Voice to Text in App
1 Standard Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Form
Fishbone Diagram & 5 Why's
2 Standard Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) Observation Forms
Corrective Actions
5 Standard Audit Checklists
25 Standard Inspection Checklists
Standards for ISO Readiness, OSHA, Forklifts, Ladders, & PPE
Corrective Actions
Audit Scoring
Findings Form

Safety Audits & Inspections

Comprehensive audit and inspection technology for identifying hazards, risks, and taking action.

Behavior Based Safety (BBS) Observations

Make safe behavior a habit.

Investigations & Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Leverage incident information required to conduct investigations and perform root cause analysis (RCA).

EHS Incident Management

Transform your safety culture with EHS incident management.

EHS Dashboards & Reporting

Use captured data to drive regulatory reporting, inform key safety metric trending, and promote a transparent culture of safety.

EHS Mobile

Get all the data you need from any employee the field anywhere, any time -- even with limited access to wifi.
Safety Culture

Invest In Safety Initiative Success

Promote a culture of safety in your organization by equipping your team with tools that contribute improvements in workers’ wellbeing, greater efficiency, and reduced human error.

Easy-to-Use Web & Mobile

Empower your employees and increase reporting by providing access to web portals and mobile apps that simplify the collection of incidents, audits, and investigations from the field.

  • Equip all employees to be active in reporting near misses, incidents, and injuries
  • Leverage offline mobile to report from anywhere
  • Increase reporting to ensure root cause of incidents can be identified
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Streamline data collection

Leverage pre-built checklists leveraging best practices and industry standards to or configure your own audits.

  • Choose from standard checklists that leverage OSHA, ISO, and other regulatory guidelines
  • Establish process efficiency and control of all audit activities
  • Collect the information you need to make recommendations that prevent future incidents
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Integrated system for all your safety needs

Eliminate the use of spreadsheets or reliance on outdated systems. Unlock efficiencies in the management of your safety programs by centralizing all of your safety data in a single, integrated system. Share data across locations and departments so that the right data is reported to the right people at the right time.

  • Get a full view of all the risk and safety initiatives in your organization
  • Collect the data needed to evaluate the impact of your safety programs
  • Upgrade your system to a modern, SaaS platform
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Visibility into Safety Initiatives

Use robust dashboards and reporting to analyze the impact of your safety initiatives. Increase organizational investment into safety initiatives by showing clear results that tie safety programs to injury and illness reduction and positive financial impacts.

  • Gain transparency into safety issues with TCIR, DART, LTC, severity reporting
  • Equip leadership with reports to assess the impact of safety programs
  • Improve efficiencies in regulatory reporting
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Port of Seattle

Port of Seattle
Safety first, technology next. Technology proves to be the missing link in facilitating a collaborative work environment and a culture of safety at the Port of Seattle
Port of Seattle
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