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Mon, 08/21/2017 - 18:40
The Washington Schools Risk Management Pool (WSRMP), representing 92 school districts across Washington State, needed to replace its antiquated and inaccurate legacy system. It was essential to WSRMP that they find an fully integrated solution that streamlined the data collection process and allowed them to provide members with high value safety and preventative risk management services.

WSRMP sought a way to increase member satisfaction and eliminate much of the manual process through a Risk Management Information System. With a data collection process that lasted months, incomplete or inaccurate member reports, and an inefficient paper-driven claims process, WSRMP looked to Origami Risk to reimagine their entire approach to claims administration and member services.

Using Origami Risk, they cut the time for data collection by over 76%, yet dramatically improved the accuracy of the data. Additionally, the member self-service portal not only improved member access to key information, but also freed up the WSRMP staff to focus on higher value preventive risk management. As a result of implementing Origami Risk, each school district now better understands their own risk.

To download and read the WSRMP case study in its entirety, click here.