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Looking to implement an Environment, Health & Safety solution for your organization? With 100+ software vendors on the market, we look at how to use the Verdantix Safety Management Software Buyer’s Guide to select the right vendor for you.

When buying an EHS technology platform, you have a lot of choices. According to independent EHS analyst firm, Verdantix, there are over 100 EHS software vendors on the market today, so it’s not feasible to evaluate each vendor on an individual basis. The reality of the matter is that you need a strategy to select the right platform for your needs.

How to Strategize Your Search

In the “Safety Management Software Buyer’s Guide,” Verdantix places safety management software solutions into three categories:

  • EHS Software Platform 
  • Safety Management Specialists
  • Mobile First Providers

Of course, each type has its own benefits. The biggest advantage of the specialist and mobile first categories is price. But if you are looking to make a long-term technology investment – one that can grow with the needs of your business over time – point solutions will not suffice and an EHS software platform is your best bet. But what are some of the reasons for that? 

  • Employees only need to learn one system. We consistently hear from EHS professionals that they spend a ton of time on training. Having multiple point solutions to train employees on makes everyone’s lives more complex. Coupled with the great resignation and increased turnover of employees, this could quickly become unsustainable. Furthermore, employees may be less willing to learn multiple systems, likely interfering with adoption, meaning less reporting and insight into potential risks and hazards in the organization.
  • Data is consolidated in a single system. Data can be analyzed more quickly and easily if it’s all in one database instead of relying on manual calculations across various systems. Having automated reports and data displayed in real time dashboards is essential to getting the insights you need into the efficacy of your safety program, allowing you to ensure you are actively reducing incidents and injuries.
  • New features can be added on as your organizational needs grow. If you buy a point solution, that’s a short-term need you fulfill. But if you buy an enterprise platform, new offerings can be added as your needs mature. For example, while you may just be looking for incident management today, down the line you may want to have a job safety analysis (JSA) solution in place. Instead of restarting the search for a brand new vendor to get you that JSA functionality, you can simply add it on to your existing platform.
  • Integrating multiple point solutions is a headache. Having multiple point solutions could lead to an IT nightmare of piecing together different applications with homegrown solutions. Not only can that introduce security vulnerabilities, it can also suck up valuable IT resources better spent on other efforts. Furthermore, there will not be a consistent UI if different applications are cobbled together.

How Origami Risk’s EHS Suite Stacks Up

Verdantix classifies Origami’s EHS Suite as an EHS Software Platform. As the image below illustrates, Origami’s EHS Suite is a fully integrated platform available on web and mobile for safety management, process safety management, occupational health, and environmental management – all with robust analytics. Even more, Origami’s EHS Suite is built on the same platform as its Risk Management Information System (RMIS) and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Suites, so you can avoid interdepartmental silos.

EHS Wheel helping you understand your Technology Maturity from it

Taking the First Steps Toward a Solution

If an EHS software platform is your organization’s path forward, there are a number of resources to help guide the way depending on where you are now.

If your organization already has a platform, it might be time to reevaluate whether your current vendor is still fulfilling your strategic needs or if it might be time to search for a new partner. Our free Vendor Performance Assessment helps you determine whether that’s the case.

If you’re a first-time EHS software platform buyer, or you’re looking to switch vendors,  Verdantix’s 2021 Buyer’s Guide maps out the EHS safety management vendor landscape and provides you with an informed path forward.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Origam’s fully integrated EHS suite can support your organization’s strategic safety needs, watch the solution overview video or start a conversation with us.