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"The Roundup” is Origami Risk’s weekly bulletin of headlines and resources impacting risk, compliance, safety, P&C insurance, and healthcare.

Tues, Dec. 20 | Long Covid patients can face a battle trying to claim benefits through their workplace disability insurance 

Many claims for short- or long-term disability insurance benefits are denied when they involve long Covid, according to experts. (continue reading

Thurs, Dec 22 | Insurance industry pushes back on US climate risk data demand 

The US Treasury has proposed requiring insurers to hand over underwriting data, broken down by zip code and covering the last five years. (continue reading

Thurs, Dec 22 | Senate passes $1.7T spending package 

The Senate has passed a $1.7 trillion spending bill that would avert a government shutdown and fund operations through September. It also provides natural disaster relief and additional emergency aid to Ukraine. (continue reading

Fri, Dec 23 | US life expectancy falls again 

Life expectancy in the United States dropped again in 2021. An American child born in 2021 could expect to live 76.4 years, the lowest figure since 1996, according to research from the National Center for Health Statistics. (continue reading

Fri, Dec. 23 | Big changes coming in 2023 for business and homeowners insurance 

Those who will acquire either a new or renewed homeowners or a commercial policy in 2023, have an important obligation to themselves: It is being aware of and understanding the coverages they are paying for. (continue reading

Fri, Dec. 23 | Rebuilding life after a layoff 

If you've been laid off, how are you handling it? Are you scrambling to find a new job right away or holding out for the right opportunity? (continue reading

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