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In this “Features in 5,” we explore the vaccination tracking system in Origami Risk’s COVID-19 solution suite, the challenges it solves when tracking single and multi-dose vaccines, and why an employee vaccination program can quickly become obsolete without the right tool in place.

With numerous vaccines already in distribution across the globe and new employee vaccine mandates taking place across the US, an organization’s employee vaccination program can quickly become impossible to manage. Other complicating factors being:

  • Dosage amounts vary between each manufacturer
  • Amount of time between booster shots differ from dose to dose
  • Some employees may choose to opt-out of the vaccine all together

Add it all up and the cards can quickly stack against an effective employee vaccination program.

Currently, vaccination programs are wrestling with potential mandates for certain sectors, escalating reporting and compliance requirements, and the possibility of administering annual boosters. All of this uncertainty means organizations are left with more questions than answers. Though, establishing an effective and scalable program now could help to head off much of the ambiguity.

In this 5(ish)-minute video*, you’ll see how easy it is to centralize, track, scale, and measure the success of an employee vaccination program. See for yourself how Origami Risk allows you to:

  • Track employee vaccination dates or waivers
  • Vary dosage schedules between multi-shot vaccines
  • Visualize company-wide or location-specific employee vaccination data
  • Report on vaccination program efforts and areas of improvement
  • Enable employees to submit vaccinations data via mobile device

*We got carried away and went 17 seconds over... consider this edition a Features in (almost) 5