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In case studies and webinars featuring our clients, consistent themes emerge. One of the most common is the configurability of Origami Risk. Rather than forcing changes to proven processes, Origami’s risk management, insurance, safety, and compliance solutions allow clients to set up the system to mirror — and in many cases, improve — existing workflows. The story rarely stops there. Once users grasp the extent of the system’s flexibility, the sky is the limit. The results are innovative, client-driven solutions that solve “real-world” challenges. 

A previous blog post, Hidden Ways to Use Your RMIS, sums up the benefits of Origami Risk’s adaptability this way: “The ability to quickly create challenge-solving solutions that leverage the power of a highly configurable RMIS can allow all parts of an organization to innovate.” When shared between colleagues, discussed at regional and industry user groups, or highlighted during the Origami Risk user conference, these client-driven solutions often become “standard” offerings. 

Origami’s new Employee Health solution stands as a prime example of this approach to developing products that meet the needs of clients, both current and future. With roots in solutions developed to help clients track and report on COVID-19-related details such as exposures and vaccination records, the new comprehensive employee health information management solution is designed to meet the various health record requirements of organizations. 

The innovative (and award-winning) origins of the Employee Health Information solution 

In the spring of 2020, organizations’ risk, safety, and compliance teams moved with urgency to begin tracking and reporting details related to COVID-19 outbreaks and personal protective equipment (PPE) usage; then later, vaccinations, boosters, and waivers. Out of necessity, many turned to spreadsheets to capture and report on this information. Others scrambled to pull together data from disparate systems. As with the use of those approaches to manage other forms of risk, safety, and compliance data, the results were, all too often, time-consuming manual activities, inaccurate or out-of-date information, the inability to collaborate with stakeholders from other departments, and confusion resulting from multiple points of truth. 

This stood in stark contrast with multiple Origami Risk clients that immediately began using the Origami Risk system to solve the challenges. Working with these clients, Origami responded by configuring solutions that helped to track the reopening of operations, ensuring regulatory compliance, addressing exposures related to COVID-19, driving efficiencies, and providing insights related to the management of vaccination and booster records, as well as waivers. The COVID-19 solution suite came to life through this client collaboration and was named a Business Insurance Innovation Awards winner in September 2020. 

A comprehensive, unified solution for efficiently and effectively managing employee health records and compliance 

  While Origami’s new Employee Health Information solution includes many of the same capabilities and features, this new offering significantly extends the range of the now-retired COVID-19 solution suite. A single system for managing all types of employee health data, seamless integration with the Origami Risk platform’s automated workflow tools, APIs and data import/export functionality, and mobile forms make the solution a powerful, unified resource that helps drive efficiency, maintain compliance, and take a more proactive approach to employee health and safety. 

The following are some of the solution’s uses and capabilities: 

Vaccination & Immunization Tracking 

To help meet requirements for reporting immunizations and ensuring the ability of organizations to safely operate their businesses, the Employee Health Information solution enables organizations to be more proactive in the tracking of employees’ vaccinations for COVID-19, Flu, Hepatitis B, and other immunizations and waivers. 

  • Employees can use Origami’s web-based portal or mobile app to report a vaccination or upload waivers 

  • Based on client-defined, role-based security, designated users can easily access dashboards and integrated reports to track vaccination goals, the percentage of vaccinated employees by location within a target timeframe, and other metrics  

Employee Health Surveillance 

Using automated notifications and reminders related to pre-hire, annual requirements, post-exposure testing, and post-accident monitoring, employers can reduce the amount of time spent chasing data and sending one-off emails to employees and get a real-time view of employees’ health and safety information. 

This includes the ability to assign, track, document, and report on required certifications and requirements such as: 

  • Physical examinations 

  • Hearing and vision assessments 

  • Drug and alcohol testing 

  • Annual fit testing 

Employee Health Compliance 

A centralized, real-time view of employee health information provides employers with oversight of employees’ and participants' health records as they relate to the workplace. For example, designated system administrators can quickly view health record data for individual employees and participants with a single click.   

How will you put the Employee Health Information solution to work for your organization? 

Origami’s new Employee Health Information solution is yet another example of how our clients' use of Origami Risk helps to inform and refine the risk management, safety, compliance, and insurance solutions we offer. A “standard” module in Origami Risk that leverages cross-platform tools such as automated workflows, mobile forms, online portals, integrated dashboard widgets and reports, and integrations with HR, payroll, and other third-party systems, the solution can be configured to meet the needs and requirements of clients looking to transform their approach to maintaining compliance and taking a more proactive approach to their employees’ health and safety.

To find out more about how you can make this and other Origami Risk solutions work for your organizations, contact us.