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Origami Mobile

All of Your Mobile Needs from Anywhere

Origami’s web-based application is mobile-friendly, meaning you can access, enter, or report on pertinent information in the field on your tablet or phone. Enable your team to access and execute on crucial operational items no matter where they are via Origami Mobile.

Enter Data into a Variety of Mobile Forms

From incident entry to values collection, it’s easy for remote users to enter data and supplemental files, like photos, videos and witness reports, mobily. Save field users time and effort while increasing their willingness to fulfill their reporting responsibilities; enhancing the quality of data that’s reported on-site and speeding up reporting times.

  • Incident Entry Forms
  • Values Collection Forms
  • Inspection Forms
  • Location & Property Forms
  • Fleet-related Forms

Access Location Data Away From Your Desk

Access the most up-to-date location information, like a property’s exposure values, policy information, or recent claims on any mobile device. Make your team more productive with the ability to dive into location data on-the-spot, helping to raise informed questions or offer guidance.

  • Search Locations & View Relevant Details
  • Review COPE Data, Safety Initiatives, Actuals & More
  • Intuitive & Visual Data in a Few Clicks
  • Compare Locations with On-Screen Tools
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Easy, Mobile Claimant Access

Give claimants access they want to the information they need, without draining your staff’s time and resources. Enable claimants to review loss runs or the status of their claim from a mobile device, giving them immediate access to critical data on their own schedule while freeing staff of requests for information.

  • Apply Coverage & Location Security
  • Distribute Reports to Specified Groups
  • Schedule Individual Reports or Report Packages
  • Respond to Interactive Questions to Filter Report Data
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Don’t Miss Another Payment

Go beyond highlighting payments on your mobile device that are awaiting your approval. Origami’s Mobile Check Approval allows you to quickly and easily dig for necessary background information to give you context and enter comments, as well as actually approve payments.

  • Automatic Alerts to Take Action
  • Send Communication within the System
  • Approve Payments Remotely via Mobile
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