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Claims Management Automation

Easily Analyze & Access Data

Stop struggling with limited access to data and easily access all of your claims data, activity, and reporting on one platform. Quickly access real-time data to better inform business decisions.

Automate, Standardize & Streamline Data Collection

Claims management professionals often struggle with limited access to data in the appropriate format to determine things like program drivers, coverage and claim details, employee data, and more. Origami Risk streamlines how you aggregate and standardize data, creating opportunities for both insight and swift action.

  • Integrate Systems with Internal Departments
  • Receive Automatic Data Updates at Custom Frequencies
  • Automatically Create Claims from Incident Forms
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Keep The Claims Process Moving 24/7

Origami Risk offers an automated line of defense for tackling the many clerical challenges associated with managing claims. These low-to-no-touch processes in Origami Risk keep the claims management process moving, free up people’s time to do more high value work, and improve data quality by reducing data entry errors.

  • Tailor Automated Workflows to Your Organization’s Processes
  • Set-Up Data Entry Events to Trigger Emails, Notes, Tasks & New Fields
  • Integrate with Third-Party Systems for Regulatory Reporting
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Gain All of the Insight You Need on One Platform

Claims analysis is a crucial component to any effective claims management program. Engaging in effective claims analysis, however, requires real-time data, the ability to easily compare claims and assess their severity, and the ability to make cause and effect correlations to spur actions. Origami Risk analytics tools allow you to do just that.

  • Claims Comparisons & Watchlists
  • Customizable Dashboards & Reports
  • Manage Claims by Occurrence
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