woman managing documents on laptop
man planning out workflow process on tablet

Reduce Errors

Deploy business rules, data entry events, automated routing, and more to reduce manual tasks and errors, organization-wide.


Save Time

Rather than spending time searching through file cabinets, users can locate documents and their contents within seconds via built-in search options.


Increase Access

Using mobile apps, users can retrieve files from (or upload them to) Origami from almost anywhere, which is critical when operating remotely.


Foster Collaboration

Multiple users can simultaneously view the same document at the same time, reducing the wait time for a paper file to become available and simplifying version control.


Expand Security

Digitize and store documents in an environment that is audited and certified based on third-party standards with encryption and role-based permissions, avoiding mishandled and misplaced papers.


Be Prepared

Ensure your organization is prepared for disaster and business continuity and keep business-imperative documents available in Origami, where they’re safely kept on the cloud and accessible from anywhere, anytime.