Exposures, Allocations and TCOR

Origami breaks down traditional silos of information by allowing risk managers to easily collect and track exposures, calculate your organization’s total cost of risk (TCOR), and automate the allocation process across the enterprise.

Exposures and Values

Origami Risk provides the ability to easily collect, load, and organize exposure information:

  • Property schedule of values
  • Man-hours
  • Miles driven
  • Acute care beds
  • Schedules of assets
  • Vehicles


Origami Risk can be easily customized to allocate insurance costs across your organization in a way that best meets your risk management objectives including:

  • Weighted formulas
  • Losses
  • Premiums
  • Other fees


Origami quickly calculates your organization's total cost of risk with your specific cost elements including:

  • Losses
  • Premiums
  • Safety program costs
  • Claims management costs
  • RMIS investment
  • Interactive analytics allow for full trending and loss ratio analysis