Employee Training and Certification

Origami Risk provides a comprehensive way to manage compliance for company training and certifications, as well as an easy way to see how training — or lack thereof — affects your claim history. With Origami Risk, you can set up an unlimited number of trainings and specify whether a training is mandatory or simply recommended. Training can be one-time-only, or can be set to expire for training that needs to be retaken periodically.

Employee Profiles

Origami Risk allows you to group employees based on their training needs:

  • Assign and monitor all employee trainings
  • Ensure proper training and certifications are completed

Compliance Tracking and Reporting

Origami Risk allow you to managed training compliance:

  • Track training completion and expiration dates
  • View employee training compliance
  • Run on-the-fly analysis of employees who are out of compliance or have upcoming expirations

Email Templates and Reminders

Origami Risk provides configurable email templates to:

  • Automatically notify employees when a training is about to expire and needs to be taken again
  • Send reminders until the employee has completed his or her training