Dole Food Company

Impressed with ease, flexibility and team supporting the system

I've been involved with a number of different RMIS in my career, and while I believe they all basically do the same thing on the claims aggregation and reporting front, Origami stands out for what it offers in the other areas. From the policy module to values collection and cost allocations, I have been very impressed with the ease and flexibility of the system and the team supporting the system.

- Jeffrey R. Stolle
Director, Risk Management

City of Longmont, Colorado

Conversion in under 8 weeks

As a self-administered municipality, when it became apparent that we needed to upgrade to a state-of-the-art system and move into the cloud environment, we were slightly panicked about having to do a complete conversion in record time. Origami rose to the occasion implementing our entire claims administration work flow along with a full RMIS system conversion from our old system in under eight weeks. The best part is Origami’s experts did it without mistakes and without cutting corners!

- Debra Darnofall
Risk Manager

Blood Systems, Inc.

Origami Risk service and training are exceptional.

The level of service and training provided by Origami Risk is exceptional. Our on-site Administrator training was one of the best uses of my time this year!

- Mary Arp
Safety Manager

Schumacher Group

Origami Risk embraces unconventional thinking

Schumacher Group prides itself on being super leaders in innovation, much of which is driven by our technological investments. In selecting a RMIS, we sought out a vendor who would embrace unconventional thinking in meeting our evolving needs. Michelle thrives on solving complex problems inside Origami by pushing the system’s limits. This is exactly what we needed in a vendor and an account representative to make this relationship successful.

- Amy Frederick
Director of Risk Analytics

Porter & Curtis

Origami Risk has forged a partnership with us

Origami Risk has gone beyond the typical customer/vendor relationship and has forged partnerships with their clients in a way that is rare in any industry, let alone RMIS. Their technical expertise, commitment to service quality and innovative problem solving has been an asset to our company. Our relationship with Origami Risk is one that we look forward to building on for many years to come.

- Matthew E. Hurst
Senior Project Manager

Herschend Family Entertainment

Ease of Use, Flexibility & Great Value

The easiest implementation I've ever been through!

- Beth Etheridge
Director of Risk Management

Frost Insurance

Service people regularly go above and beyond

I really enjoy working with the Origami team. The technology that Origami brings to Frost and our clients is only surpassed by their people, who are intelligent, professional and get the job done. They regularly go above and beyond to make sure everything is customized to fit our needs. Thank you for assigning Michelle Wetherill to our account. She is outstanding!!

- Michael Tolly, ACSR, CISR
Commercial Account Representative

Baker Concrete Construction

"You have turned me into a raving fan!"

I have to admit, based on my past experience, I had serious doubts in trusting it was even possible to implement a RMIS in such short time. However our service persons’s attention to detail, responsiveness to phone calls and emails, and knowledge of Origami Risk is incredible. He proved my skepticism was unnecessary. You have turned me into a raving fan!
Moving from our old RIMS system to Origami Risk was a no brainer for us.

- Robyn Miller, CRIS, AIC
Risk Manager

Advantage Solutions

Open dialogue and positive reaction to development recommendations

Wanted to let you know how appreciative we are of the ongoing developments and speed at which system improvements are made—most recently, the added feature of adding notes and documents to Origami Risk by email. This works perfectly for our workflow: eliminates the need to copy/paste, eliminates the need to save and upload documents, eliminates redundancy and saves us valuable time. Would also like to add that I appreciate the open dialogue and positive reaction you provide to inquiries and development recommendations to assist us with our growing needs. You provide valuable insight into helping us develop Origami Risk into a multiuse tool for managing and analyzing our claims data.

- Ray Oliver
Workers Compensation Manager

Maricopa Community Colleges

This was our first claims system and it has been very easy to implement! The staff at Origami are extremely friendly, helpful and available to assist clients with any issues they may have. This is a very user friendly system!

- Donna Huetter, WCCP
Claims Manager

Learning Care Group

I've seen many fleet systems in my 35-year career and have implemented and utilized quite a few as well. The Origami system quality is only surpassed by the quality and attention to detail of the Origami team. The ability to run and schedule reports as well as the endless system capabilities will continue to grow with us.
The system is great and helps us control our fleet data very well!

- David Michael
Manager of Fleet & Transportation Services

Martin Resource Management Corporation

Our company finally decided to switch RMIS systems because the one we were using before was very complicated. We were skeptical about switching because we did not want our data compromised in any way. I can gladly say the transition to Origami was nearly flawless. The team we had working on our account was excellent and very helpful. Origami is user-friendly and we recommend it to everyone!

- Josh Bourque
Insurance Financial Analyst

DBI Services

DBI Services does road maintenance and, when there is an accident, performs any infrastructure repair and, if needed, manages the road closure. Every time DBI Services responds to an accident, they are able to collect the cost they incur from the responsible party’s insurance company. DBI Services processes thousands of these types of claims each year. Prior to using Origami Risk, the Risk team was using spreadsheets. They were unable to run reports to track the status of the claims and to understand why claims were denied or went unpaid.

Origami Risk makes my whole team look great. Any report that the Finance group or the owner asks for Origami Risk has helped us provide within 48 hours

- Cynthia Paisley
Director of Risk Management

Regency Centers

Moving our RMIS to Origami has exceeded all my expectations and then some. The partnership they develop with their clients is amazing – I truly feel like this is a team effort where the job I need to get done takes top priority. Help and improvements are not contingent on billing or service hours – they help when and where they are needed and the rest is managed as expected with no hidden surprises. Absolutely love these guys! The system is intuitive, easy to use, and very powerful, but at the same time very flexible.

- Deborah Tauro
Senior Manager, Risk Management

Bowlmor AMF, Inc.

Origami is extremely user-friendly to anyone accustomed to web-based applications. The ability to add multiple files and have them at your fingertips at all times makes it much easier for our support personnel to establish new claims in the system. It is nice to be able to change an incident to a claim without having to retype the entire file over. The reporting capabilities are superb and are capable of measuring and tracking such a variety of items that I’m now quantifying losses in new and creative ways that would not have been possible with our previous RMIS system.
I've recommended Origami to anyone inquiring about RMIS systems.

- Tom Johnson
Director, Risk Management

Totem Ocean Trailer Express

Origami is dynamic, accommodating software that encompasses many aspects of our business. A really great tool that I will be expanding to other facets of our company. Our sister companies are even jumping on board. A real winner!

- Tammie McBride
Loss Prevention & Quality Specialist

United Heartland

Speed, Intuitive Features & Endless Capabilities for managing Workers Comp

United Heartland is very pleased with the service we’ve received from Origami Risk. Having a passion for serving our customers and successfully exercising our high touch service model means partnering with vendors who believe in the same approach. This can also mean high demands, quick turnaround times, and proactive measures; all of which Origami Risk has followed through time and time again...

United Heartland brings a fresh, innovative approach to workers’ compensation and partnering with Origami Risk for our RMIS system allows us to continue moving forward, giving us a competitive advantage. Our system was designed to be easy to use and very intuitive – the capabilities are endless. One feature often taken for granted is that Origami is on the Cloud. Every time you log in, you’re receiving the most up-to-date version of the system. We also greatly appreciate the speedy responses. Origami Risk is pioneering a new approach to make enhancements and deploy them on the fly. No more building business cases, long wait times, or finding space in the budget. This flexibility has allowed us to enhance relationships with our customers by providing them with a customized, meaningful system.

Origami Risk has some of the most knowledgeable staff in the industry and we are lucky to have Marla Shone and Jennifer Boone-Newman to help keep us ahead of the curve. We meet on a regular basis, continue to chip away at a lengthy “to-do” list, and continuously find solutions to meet our customer’s needs. They are more than willing to research our in-depth questions and provide timely responses. Marla and Jen have gone above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction with our system and consistently validate our reasoning for choosing Origami Risk as our RMIS vendor. We are truly grateful for all of their hard work and tireless hours making our system look and perform its best.

- Amanda Sawejka
Client Relations Coordinator

Hunter Roberts Construction Group

In our experience, Origami combines flexible, user-friendly software with a professional staff that is both willing and capable of executing on solutions integral to our business. Partnering with Origami has allowed Hunter Roberts to streamline some of our most essential risk management processes, while at the same time creating access to the data that we care most about. Customizable solutions are important to us and Origami has delivered.

- Justin Levine
Manager, Enterprise Risk

Pacific Drilling

Being a young company with some unique exposures, we needed a RMIS that was flexible and could grow with us. Origami is that company. The first time we saw the demo, we knew this was a different RMIS. Their innovative design and on the fly development have made what is normally a painful and long implementation process, quick and easy. The people behind the product have definitely proven what innovative thought and good customer services can do. Great job and thank you!

- Pacific Drilling
Insurance and Claims Manager

Goodwill Industries-Suncoast, Inc.

Unlike other programs, Origami Risk is so easy to use, I don't even need my ten year old to explain it to me.

- Janine Bain
Director, Corporate Risk

Omnicom Group

Origami is an incredibly flexible platform. We purchased the product so that we consolidate our policies across the world and gain efficiencies through a centralized global policy module. Mid-way through the implementation, we decided to also capture claim data. Now we are leveraging the platform to track our credit insurance collections as well as our agency events.

Compared to our other applications Origami is a very flexible program. It is amazing that one software program has aided us in accomplishing such a diverse set of initiatives, but it does. The support team, made up of experienced veterans of the RMIS industry, was able to take our ideas and provide solutions that increased efficiency.

- Nick Bognon
Director of Risk Management

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

AHFC sees tremendous operational improvements with Origami Risk

We asked for everything we wanted but we didn’t expect that we could get everything. With Origami Risk we got everything we wanted and more

- Terry Kincaid
Administrative Services Officer

Fairbanks North Star Borough

I have had great experiences with Origami Risk and appreciate the support given by our service rep. I appreciate the user friendliness, help icon and the tutorial programs associated with the program. Keep up the outstanding customer support and responsiveness to issues and changes in the program.

- Tony Shumate

Jabil Circuit

Our service rep is beyond awesome. She is willing to do whatever it takes to help us, her clients. She is very responsive and it doesn't matter if it is a Sunday evening or during normal working hours. She is also extremely knowledgeable and wants us to be extremely knowledgeable too. She promotes learning to be self-sufficient, but will jump in and do whatever is needed to get the work/project done, particularly when we are under the gun. We also have a deep respect and appreciation for everything Linus does for Origami Risk and to meet our company's particular needs. If he can implement a quick fix, he will do it, he won't make us wait for the next release. This is something you just don't find with other companies and is what sets you apart and give you a huge competitive edge (in our humble opinion). We love Origami Risk and we never hesitate to tell anyone and everyone who asks us about our RMIS system how great your company is. Thank you!

- Kathryn Vetter
Risk Management Specialist

Wyoming Association of Risk Management

Our migration to Origami was flawless, thanks to our service rep! I attended the Origami conference in Phoenix and was blown away by the entire Origami team. Everyone was friendly and willing to answer questions.

- Carrie Krause
Assistant Director

Knox County TN

Origami works great for us. Our excess carrier audit team gave Origami rave reviews for its intuitive nature during their recent claims review of our files. Our rep is always available and/or quick to address any issues.

- Evan Hauser
Deputy Law Director

The Duchossois Group

While the main reason for choosing Origami several years ago was not Customer Service, I would have to say that over the years this has come to be one of your highlighted selling points! Our service rep is so responsive to any concern or need. If she does not have the answer immediately, she reaches out to others for their input for immediate resolution. Most impressive!

- Julie Bean
Risk Manager

Snohomish County Public Utility District

We love Origami!!

- Cassie Martin
District Self-Insured Claims Administrator

HUB International Insurance Services

Our partnership with Origami has been fantastic. We couldn't have partnered with a better RMIS provider. The product speaks for itself, and the entire staff is extremely knowledgeable and professional.

- Stephen J. Ackourey, AAM,CLCS
Director of RMIS Services

University of the Pacific

Our service rep is guiding us through the implementation phase and has been a wonderful collaborator. He is responsive and I appreciate the time and effort he has invested to learn and understand our business needs. As a result he always has great ideas to incorporate Origami into our system functions so we achieve the best outcome.

- Louisa Jones
Risk and Insurance Manager

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