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Administration Settings

Integrated, easy-to-use on-screen tools help to ensure the creation, testing, and management of rules and workflows doesn’t become yet another time-consuming, administrative chore.


Trend Notifications

Generate alerts based on complex criteria. Apply groupings, comparison types, threshold amounts, and more, to define parameters and generate alerts 


Round-Robin Assignments

Reduce the amount of time spent assigning--and reassigning--tasks or items that require multiple reviews and approvals.


Communication Templates

Create and store templates for repeated use in email and sms notifications, assignments, follow-ups, and requests for modification.


Role-Specific Dashboards

Drive accountability and ensure projects and tasks stay on track by creating and deploying custom dashboards for managers and team members.



Mobile Workflows

Extend the reach of risk management and safety programs while spending less time managing tasks related to gathering data from remote locations.


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