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Origami Clients Most Likely to Recommend Its System to Colleagues and Friends

CHICAGO, April 12, 2022 – Origami Risk, the industry-leading risk, safety and insurance Software as a Service (SaaS) technology firm, achieved high ratings in multiple categories in the 2022 RMIS Report, released this week by Redhand Advisors, a risk management technology consulting firm.

According to the report, “Origami Risk continues to enhance and build upon their single application SAAS platform. Over the past year we have observed enhancements to the core RMIS as well as significant enhancements in their GRC, EH&S and Healthcare offerings. 

Origami has also made inroads into the P&C claims market. Their solution for this market is focused on carriers, third-party administrators, MGAs and risk pools. Of particular interest, a solution for reinsurance management which is unique in the industry.” 

Specifically, Origami received a rating of 9.5 (on a 1-10 scale) for claims management; 9.1 for healthcare; 8.9 for system attributes; 8.8 each for claims administration, EH&S and GRC; 8.7 for legal/matter management; 8.5 for system-wide capabilities; and 8.3 for policy/program management

With respect to RMIS provider system capabilities, Origami earned ratings of strong or very strong in all nine categories based on composite RFI vendor scoring and user survey results.  The categories included: claims management, EH&S, exposures, policy & insurance, reporting, claims administration, ERM/GRC, captive pooling, and healthcare

Origami’s “net promoter score” (NPS) of 48 was more than double its closest competitor. According to the report, the score is an indicator of customer satisfaction based on how likely current users are to refer the firm to colleagues and friends in the industry. 

“Along with the direct feedback our team members receive from clients on a daily basis, the annual RMIS Report gives us a way to assess our performance and progress as we strive for excellence in all aspects of our client relationships and solution delivery,” said Earne Bentley, president, Risk Solutions at Origami Risk. “We continue to work closely with our clients to help with all aspects of their risk management and insurance. As global risks evolve and become more complex, our highly configurable platform and collaborative approach equips our clients to meet new challenges with innovative solutions tailored to their needs."  

Now in its fourth year, the RMIS Report is the industry’s most widely read annual guide to the risk management information system industry, downloaded each year by more than 2,000 risk management professionals. In addition to the survey of 950 individual RMIS users of 40 vendors, the report’s findings are based on responses to a detailed questionnaire completed and submitted by 31 providers, as well as anecdotal evidence and expertise and perspectives of the report’s co-authors, Patrick O’Neill, founder and president, Redhand Advisors, and David Tweedy, senior advisor. 

To read Origami’s review and profile in the 2022 RMIS Report, visit: